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I'm a small start-up. Am I still a target?
Where do I start as a startup??
Do I really need to invest in cyber security?
What’s next for a big organization like us?
Why do I need Cyber Security governance?
Do I really need Security Awareness Training?
How much does cybersecurity cost?
We have been breached, How can you help?

Small businesses are actually some of the biggest victims of cyber-attacks. While smaller companies don't have the global scale of enterprise organizations, they still have valuable business data such as payment information, medical data, social security numbers, or Aadhar data. Startup businesses operate differently with a fast to production approach with an increasing number of dependencies to facilitate business growth and minimal strategy for cyber security. Hackers take advantage of these interconnects regardless of the size of revenue generated.

As a startup, the primary objective is to prioritize and focus on your critical cyber security requirements to avoid exhaustion. The start-up should start by asking themselves the following questions?

What are we trying to protect?
Why are we trying to protect?
From whom are you trying to protect?

The cost implications to your business due to a breach can significantly affect your business. This includes Legal fees, reputational damage, and loss of customer confidence.

Investing in a cyber security program will cover all the bases and help you attain customer confidence and satisfy your compliance and statutory requirements. The cost to remediate using a slow and steady practice far exceeds the cost of protection.

Big businesses should learn to strategize their cyber security program with a comprehensive Threat modeling approach using tactics and techniques specified in frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK to compile the risks they might be exposed to.This will provide them better visibility to improve their cyber security program against modern threats.

Cyber Security governance provides a structure for aligning Cyber Security strategy with business strategy. When you implement a cyber security framework, maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements becomes seamless.

Absolutely. Many of the breaches today like ransomware attacks start with phishing attacks. This only happens due to a lack of understanding on the part of employees, who are supposed to be the first line of defense. Providing continuous security awareness training and integrating security best practices into your culture is key to preventing social engineering attacks.

Every business has its own specific needs for cyber security. One question to ask is what you are trying to protect? It becomes easier to derive a holistic solution to cater to these requirements. Organizations bleed both financially and strategically in their cyber security program due to the lack of understanding of these specific requirements.

We have helped governments and enterprises to recover from major data breaches and cyber-attacks. If you think you are breached then we can help you in recovery by complying with your legal and statutory obligations.

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