Service Details

Incident Response Advisory

No organization is immune to cyber attacks, which are becoming more advanced, sophisticated and audacious.An organization's preparedness to thwart or reduce the impact of an cyber attack leading to security breach or data leak is determined by the speed, accuracy and coordination of its cyber security incident response team.

The major difference between a trained incident response team and an IT security team is like a group of soldiers and trained commando unit. The incident response advisory team is a collaborated tactical team trained to deliver services in a cyber attack scenario.

Our incident response advisory team is a dedicated team of professionals with specialized skills as under to provide the necessary guidance and support to Prepare , Detect and Analyze , Contain, Eradicate, Recover and Review against a Cyber Security Incident.

  • Cyber Incident Response Coordinator.
  • Log Specialist.
  • Forensic Specialist.
  • Containment Specialist.
  • Legal and Compliance Expert.
  • Threat hunting and malware specialist.
  • In-house Security and IR teams.
  • Post remediation and advisory.