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Red Teaming

What is it?
What is the value proposition?
What are the drivers?
What is the methodology used?

What is it?

Red team assessment is an objective-oriented, multi-dimensional adversarial threat emulation. It focuses on execution of adversarial offensive tactics, techniques, and procedures to gain access to an organization’s critical assets and showcase persistence by bypassing security control. This also helps is evaluating an organization’s readiness to detect and withstand such a targeted attack.


What is the value proposition?

  •   An in-depth understanding of multi-dimensional attack vectors.
  •   A systematic combination of physical and technical approach focusing for targeting an organizations overall security control.
  •   Experienced Red teaming security experts with multi-industry experience.
  •   Proficiency with advanced attack tactics with low detection rate.

What are the drivers?

  •   Customers looking for holistic view of the effectiveness of their cyber security program.
  •   Requirement to satisfy global regulatory and compliance requirements for mission critical systems.
  •   Contractual obligations with customers for securing assets.
  •   Growing risks of nation-state and competitor influenced attacks.

What is the methodology used?

Our Red Teaming assessment methodology is as follows:

  •   Preparation - Identify the rules of engagement, letter of Authorization and exceptions for the scope.
  •   Reconnaissance - Intelligence about the organization infrastructure, top executives, department heads, previous data breaches, Cloud and on prem assets, physical sites etc.
  •   Planning and Mapping the Cyberattacks - Identify potential attack surfaces and plan a systematic attack.
  •   Launching the attack - Exploiting the weakness, spear phishing targets, C&C, creating persistence, lateral movement, identifying high valued information targets, data exfiltration etc.
  •   Launching Physical Attacks - RFID Attacks, Dumpster driving, USB Drops, Lockpicking, Tailgating or pre-testing.
  •   Reporting - Findings are analyzed based on the risks and reports are debriefed and improvement actions are presented.
  •   Remediation - Remediation efforts are discussed, prioritized and reviewed with customer.
  •   Closure - Debriefing of the red team activity is done and final report is shared.