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Social Engineering Assessment

What is it?
What is the value proposition?
What are the drivers?
What is the methodology used?

What is it?

Social Engineering tactics focused on phishing account for 90% of today’s modern cyber-attacks. The idea behind the effectiveness of social engineering techniques is that people are the weakest link in any security system.


We simulate a real-word social engineering attack focusing on spear phishing, vishing, pre-texting and watering-hole attack by using tactics and techniques used by adversaries.


What is the value proposition?

  •   An in depth understanding of social engineering attacks.
  •   A systematic approach focusing on real world tactics and techniques used by adversaries.
  •   Geography specific templates and pretexts for increased accuracy.
  •   Targeted customized phishing domains.
  •   Advanced simulation of payload execution and Command and Control.
  •   Experienced security experts with 100+ social engineering assessments.
  •   Detailed reports with recommendations.

What are the drivers?

  •   Customers looking for evaluating the awareness of their employees and exiting security controls.
  •   Requirement to satisfy global regulatory and compliance requirements.
  •   Contractual obligations with customers for conducting periodic social engineering assessments.

What is the methodology used?

Our penetration testing methodology is as follows:

  •   Preparation - Identify the rules of engagement for the scope.
  •   Reconnaissance - Intelligence about the organization structure, top executives, department heads, and previous data breaches.
  •   Execution - Spear phishing, vishing on targets, and credential gathering and payload execution.
  •   Reporting - Findings are analyzed based on the risks and reports are debriefed and improvement actions are presented.
  •   Remediation - Remediation efforts are discussed, prioritized and reviewed with customer.
  •   Closure - Debriefing of the social engineering activity is done and final report is shared.